EqualAI Badge© Program

Become badge certified in responsible AI governance

The EqualAI Badge© Program, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, prepares senior executives at companies developing or using AI for critical functions to ensure their brand is known for its responsible and inclusive practices.

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As part of the program, senior executives will learn the ‘How Tos’ of developing and maintaining responsible AI governance, will join an emerging community and network of like-minded senior executives, and will earn the EqualAI badge of certification for learning best practices for AI governance.

“I was really impressed by the EqualAI program because of the kind of leaders this program brings together…the sessions have been extremely thought provoking and they have actually shaped…how to prioritize all of the problems we have to solve.”

— Meghna Sinha, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Data, Verizon

See the intro event video, featuring panelists Cathy O’Neil, Meredith Broussard, and Kathy Baxter, to learn more about the program.

“The opportunity to spend time and learn from Ethical AI pioneers and fellow leaders tackling similar issues has been invaluable for accelerating our Ethical AI initiative.”

— Reggie Townsend, Director Data Ethics Practice, SAS

Get a glimpse into the EqualAI’s Inaugural Responsible AI Summit

Equal AI’s inaugural Responsible AI Summit gathered industry leaders to align on standards and best practices for a responsible AI governance framework.

Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner
Responsible AI Summit Dinner

The EqualAI Badge Program for Responsible AI Governance, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum

Join our next cohort in September of 2023, which will include the following sessions:

Introduction: Why bias in AI matters to you & your company

Miriam Vogel
President & CEO, EqualAI

Kay Firth-Butterfield
Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Ethical matrix for creating AI

Cathy O'Neil
Author, Weapons of Math Destruction

How bias in our world (classism, racism, sexism) translates into the AI world

Meredith Broussard
Assistant Professor, New York University
Author, Artificial Unintelligence

Is your AI safe to launch? How to assess ethical risks in AI features

Kathy Baxter
Principal Architect, Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce
Author, Understanding Your Users

Lessons learned and tools to detect bias in AI

Jen Gennai
Head of Responsible Innovation, Google

Natasha Crampton
Chief Responsibile AI Officer, Microsoft

The role of lawyers’ and laws in mitigating bias in AI

Alexandra Reeve Givens
President & CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology

Lee Tiedrich
Partner, Covington

Miriam Vogel
President & CEO, EqualAI

Andrew Burt
Co-founder and Manager Partner, BNH
Chief Legal Officer, Immuta

Where we are headed: the AI policy landscape

David Dorfman
AI Policy in the US, U.S. Congress

Sam Mulopulos
Legislative Assistant, Senate HSGAC Committee

Dora Hughes
Physician, Policymaker, Advocate, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Reva Schwartz
NIST, Co-author, Proposal for Identifying and Managing Bias in Artificial Intelligence

“I’ve been extremely impressed with the talks and speakers; it has been important for us at SBD to start our journey on Responsible AI with the support of the Badge program.”

— Mukesh Dalal, Chief AI Officer at Stanley Black & Decker

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